The sex game “Lust for Power – Episode 3” is 98% ready.

Look forward to it!
Hello everyone!

We inform you that the sex game “Lust for Power – Episode 3” is 98% ready.
During the work on the game, mostly in the evenings, the plot of episode 3 was completed. the Animation is almost 100% ready, it remains to remove small blemishes and translation difficulties. After that, we will test the game and upload it for you.

Looking ahead a little, I will say:

  • developed schematics for episodes 4 and 5.
  • new characters with individual character and features will be introduced to the game,
  • from episode to episode, the story will become more voluminous and branched, filled with new events and emotions!

It’s only a matter of time…
Look forward to it!

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