Lust for Power. Episodes 1-5

This sex game “Lust for Power” tells a tale from the Witcher world, in the age of settlement after the Great War.

Join our heroes in deadly clashes, solve twisted mysteries, and… learn lots of tantalizing sex positions! Dating and awkward situations, sex, friendship, intrigue, and mystery… and a lot more sex again – all of it awaits you here and now!

This game is produced in episodes. We really want your feedback. With your help, we can keep improving the game, and adapt it to meet your desires. Let’s fill these games with new emotions and pleasures together!

Episode 4

You may be attacked by a robber. You can also meet a beautiful and sexy girl who will help you. And of course there will be sex.

Episode 5

You find yourself in the astral, where you must find the amulet of life. In this place you will find a dragon, a kind old man and a submissive slave who will satisfy your sexual fantasies!

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